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Welcome to StrataSys, Inc.
We are an on-line services consulting and systems integration company. The company began operations in 1991, and was formally incorporated in its present form in 1993. The focus of the company is working with creative clients to provide assistance in conceiving, architecting, designing, and developing innovative on-line systems and services. StrataSys provides high level management consulting to assist the executive management of its clients to chart successful product and service strategies to leverage the unique characteristics of on-line systems to meet diverse business goals. The company also puts together multifunction teams to assist in the implementation of these strategies once they are developed and approved.

We have business experience ranging from small business creation to managing within Fortune 100 corporations. This includes experience in companies across the spectrum from high tech to heavy industry, as well as experience in transitioning cost center systems to profit center business units.

Over the past nine years, StrataSys has leveraged its in depth knowledge of the commercial on-line services world (principally with AppleLink, America On-line, and the Microsoft Network) and its extensive experience with the Internet to help clients to implement successful solutions on the Internet, as well as on private systems. We believe that the Internet will continue to grow as a platform for on-line business, and the majority of our efforts are focused on broadening the services available on this exploding venue.

No discussion of our focus would be complete without touching on The Human Element. Some of the best technology ideas in the world have failed, because of a failure to adequately understand the way people work, learn, and communicate. We have extensive experience in delivering systems that people enjoy using! We can assist in understanding the organizational and individual issues associated with successful deployment of new information technology.

We firmly believe a key to breakout products is placing the user or customer at the center of the design process!

Previous Accomplishments
The company has worked for clients ranging from small start ups to Fortune 100 companies. We have designed and deployed Internet sites, private on-line services, and have consulted on various Macintosh and Windows clients. We have experience with clients to all the popular Internet services (such as World Wide Web, NetNews and LDAP), as well as server implementations such as Web, NNTP, POP3, WAIS, and FTP on various UNIX Platforms including SUN and RS/6000, as well as on Windows NT. Complete on-line systems have been designed and implemented for several clients including on-line communications, information access and dissemination, software distribution, and transaction services.

While a large part of the company's business is focused on Internet technologies and services, we were involved with Microsoft for over four years on the Microsoft Network as well as its Internet product line. The company was one of the early evaluators and users of MSN and its publishing tools.  In addition to its strong relationship with Microsoft, StrataSys is a Netscape Development Partner.

StrataSys clients include large research institutions as well as Fortune 500 PC hardware and software companies. We usually develop long term relationships with our clients and assist them with a variety of projects. We often act as a systems integrator to help oversee the activities of other third parties, and even to help pull together internal teams. This team approach, when properly executed, can decrease time to market and reduce wasted effort.

Examples of our previous efforts include:

GRI/Net is an Internet based subscription service for the Gas Research Institute. StrataSys acted as the primary consultant to GRI in developing the strategy for the system, and in designing and deploying the service.

StrataSys hosted the second generation Internet site for First Interstate Bank. This site was designed and developed by StrataSys resources.

We developed an Intranet interface into the directory service provided by Metromail (who have since been acquired by Experian). IntraNDA runs on Windows NT based intranets, and utilizes IIS and Active Server to provide national directory assistance to all employees on an intranet.

How We Work
StrataSys is a virtual corporation. We are a network of geographically dispersed consultants, designers, and developers who come together in targeted teams to address the specific needs of each client. We maintain our focus on quality rather than quantity, and hence we remain a small company comprised of only the best personnel in our field. Our company bridges the gap between hiring multiple independent contractors on your own, and hiring a big name consulting firm. We remove the inherent complexity of trying to manage a team of independents yourself, as well as providing the best services in the industry for a significantly lower cost than the big eight consulting firms.

One particular area of focus for our teams is technology evaluation. The successful integration of the best that the marketplace has to offer with the unique capabilities developed in-house is essential in today's rapidly moving environment. We have helped clients navigate this confusing area to unearth the jewels available from third parties which, when coupled with their own in- house activities, can make a successful combination.

Who are We?
The company was founded by Rodney Robertson who brings years of networking and on-line services experience to the company's clients. Prior to his extensive experience with StrataSys, Mr. Robertson led the development of the AppleLink on-line service for Apple Computer, and was also the Worldwide Network Manager for Apple. His extensive networking and telecommunications background includes being the Telecommunications Manager for Standard Oil in Alaska during the development of the Prudhoe Bay oilfield. Mr. Robertson has a long history of bringing together winning teams to deliver cutting edge technology solutions. This is at the core of the success of StrataSys and its clients.

StrataSys brings together targeted teams to meet the specific needs of each client. The skills of the members of these teams range from software project management, and product marketing to content design and development. Principals who have been involved in key projects include the following individuals.

Cary Griffin has been involved in on-line services and content management for a large part of his career. He has extensive knowledge of Internet server technologies and implementations. His background in technical writing and systems design and development has served him well in assisting clients to categorize their content and structure it appropriately for the on-line world. Cary also has years of experience in the banking industry, so he understands the emerging world of on-line service-based transactions.

Greg Boudreaux has worked for years in the banking and credit card processing field. His current work is on the cutting edge of the world of Internet-based on-line transaction processing. He has worked for or consulted to large financial institutions such as Bank of America, First Interstate Bank, VISA International, and First Data Corporation. He is familiar with most available on-line merchant systems for the Internet.

Maggie Colby is a marketing specialist with a background in product marketing for client software products on Macintosh and Windows. She also has been involved in all aspects of marketing for many of StrataSys on-line clients. She brings a wealth of experience in market research and marketing communications.

Anastasia Fischer specializes in designing graphic interfaces for multimedia and online systems. Her recent projects include interface and navigational design of the Gas Research Institute's online information system, as well as Internet site design for First Interstate Bank, First Data Corp., and various other financial institutions.

Other members of the StrataSys team include graphic artists and content specialists, as well as Unix, Windows, and Macintosh developers. We can assemble teams with the right mix of skills to insure success.

These individuals stand ready to help you create world class on-line services and products which will exceed the expectations of your customers. We look forward to assisting innovative companies to deploy successful products and services on-line.

Contact Information
StrataSys, Inc. has a presence in Alaska, Washington State, and California.

Our company is an Alaska Corporation and our main company mailing address is:

    StrataSys, Inc.
    P.O. Box 230448
    Anchorage, Alaska 99523

You may telephone us in our Seattle office at 425-269-1945, or in our Anchorage office at 907-348-8703. You may send faxes to our Seattle office at 360-668-5562.

Of course the best way to reach us is via email. You can contact our president, Rodney Robertson at

Joining the StrataSys Team
Does our company sound interesting to you? If you are an independent consultant, designer, or developer, and you are one of the best in your field, please contact Rodney Robertson. We are always interested in adding top notch talent to our team.