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Strategic consulting in the application of networking and information technology to transform or reengineer the products and operations of an enterprise. I am particularly interested in helping small and medium sized companies grow to a major position in their market.
Employment Experience:
StrataSys Inc., Anchorage, AK
President - 12/91 to present

Formed this company to provide consulting services in the areas of online services and networked applications. Created a confederation of independent consultants who can be brought to bear to solve the problems of a client. Skills range from management and technology consulting to marketing. Company services range from technology due diligence and architecture development to business model development. StrataSys has engaged in projects involving software development on Macintosh, Windows, OS/2, and Unix. Activities have included strategic management consulting, network strategy development, product design and development, technology assessment, market assessment, project management, and planning. Clients include two national research institutions, major financial institutions, major consumer data companies, retailers, as well as two of the top ten desktop software companies in the world.

Apple Computer, Inc., Cupertino, CA

AppleLink Development Manager- 6/89 to 12/91
Lead the development and operations of a global on line communications and information system. This channel system was the primary electronic link between Apple and its developers, resellers and customers, as well as being Apple's corporate electronic mail system. Managed efforts to shift this operation from a cost center to a profit center, and transitioned from a multimillion dollar annual loss to breakeven in fifteen months. Initiated the development of a next generation product, and built the team to accomplish this zero based redesign.

Strategic Systems Manager- 2/89 to 6/89
Developed a framework to redefine Apple's relationship with its customers. This framework utilized Apple's technology to enhance the customer experience and to capture important market information.

Network Development Manager- 4/88 to 2/89
Expanded WW Network Manager responsibilities to include architecture and design for local area network systems, pre-market testing for Apple N&C products, and Macintosh integrated systems development.

Worldwide Network Manager- 12/86 to 4/88
Formed the Worldwide Networking Department. Developed architecture for linking Apple offices around the world. Developed European and Pacific teams, and managed design and implementation. Participated in developing Apple Networking and Communications product strategy.

Systems included: digital worldwide transmission network carrying SNA, DECnet, and AppleTalk. LAN's including AppleTalk, Ethernet, Pre-FDDI, and Ultrachannel. PBXs from Intecom and ROLM to Northern Telecom and myriad European and Pacific variations.

Standard Alaska Production Company, Anchorage, AK
(Standard Oil, now British Petroleum)

Manager of Telecommunications & Manager of Facilities- 10/85 to 12/86
Responsible for engineering, operations, maintenance, and planning for all SAPC information transport requirements. Coordinated the activities of 35 telecommunication personnel and oversaw the operation of a $144 million installed telecommunication system with an annual operating budget of $18 million. Also managed all SAPC facilities in Anchorage with an annual budget of $6 million, including occupancy of a new corporate headquarters.

Systems included an all digital nationwide T1 transmission network. The network included two Intecom IBX S/80 switches, a NEAX 2400 and several ROLM voice/data PBXs. Transmission included fiber optic, satellite, terrestrial microwave, and leased facilities. Building control systems included a Johnson Controls environmental and security system, and a custom lighting system.

Telecommunications Engineer- Summer 1980, Summer 1981, 6/82 to 9/85
Worked as a design engineer, project engineer, and as an operations support engineer. Designed and implemented an integrated nationwide digital transmission network. Developed conceptual design for all telecommunications for the Endicott Oil Field, a $2 billion development. Cutover engineer for integration of telecommunication in Anchorage from 9 buildings into a single corporate complex.

Motorola Inc., Anchorage, AK

Telecommunications Engineer- 1981
Performed engineering feasibility studies on point to point and mobile communications systems. Dealt with radio system design, propagation studies, and engineering sales support.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
BSEE Degree in June 1982

Background in communications, telephony, and digital design. Research included: Design, construction, and testing of a complete fiber optic communications system and design of an atmospheric optical communications link for a computer branch network.

University of Alaska- Anchorage, Anchorage, AK
MSEM degree


and Interests:
Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. Hold Commercial/Instrument Pilot Certificate and Coast Guard Master License. NARTE Certified Engineer. Interested in fishing, skiing, hockey, and most outdoor activities.
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